Cryogenics Safety Solutions, Inc.
LN2 Safety Course

Cryogenic Gas Safety Awareness Training workshop

The hazards of handling and storing cryogenic gases are well known – from nasty cases of frostbite, to the problems of leaks and spills. If you could safeguard your organization and employees from unnecessary harm in just three hours – wouldn’t you?

That’s where The Gas Safety Co. ‘Cryogenic Gas Safety Awareness Training’ workshop comes in. It provides a user-friendly overview of the potential problems, as well as the solutions and safe working practices needed to improve health and safety. If you use cryogenic gases, this course is a ‘must’ for your team.

Who should attend?
The Cryogenic Gas Safety Awareness course is suitable for all employees using and handling cryogenic gases, across all industries.

Example safety benefits
Minimize risk of frostbite and contact burns, select appropriate PPE, and decant safely.

Example gas safety topics
Potential hazards (contact and non-contact)
Supply and storage (vessels and dewars)
Cryogenic gas safety assessments
Optional practical decanting exercise is available.

Online Training Module