Cryogen Protective Products, (New addition. “Spill guard barriers” Pre-installed).

What we offer.

Cryogen (LN2) safety training seminars

  • Our Goal: enhance workplace safety
  • These training courses offer certification in the safe handling, delivery, and equipment design methods for cryogens, mainly liquid nitrogen (LN2). A thorough understanding of the risks and hazards associated with LN2 is necessary to prevent harm to yourself, others and to your facility. This training program can improve the handling and use of LN2 as risk free as possible. Anyone handling LN2 or other cryogenic products should strictly adhere to these safety practices. This course will benefit your facility by understanding best practices of handling and using LN2. Click for course outline.

Cryogen protective products

  • Our introductory safety protection product is the decanting mat. It comes in two sizes: 1 X 1 square meters (3.3 X 3.3 sq ft, 4 KG) and as a 1 meter diameter circle. Its main use is to protect countertops and flooring, but also it is handy for LN2 pour offs. Not only can LN2 rapidly freeze human tissue but it can also cause many common materials such as carbon steel, plastic, and rubber to become brittle or even fracture under stress thus creating substantial damage. The decanting mat readily absorbs LN2 without leaking onto the floor or countertop thus protecting its surroundings.
  • New: Spill Guard Barrier Click for photos.
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Cryogenic Safety Wear

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Safety Decanting Mat

Our introductory safety product: The decanting mat. For the hands, provide non-absorbent, insulated gloves. For the face and throat, a flip-up visor and for the body an apron, ideally of a non-woven material to avoid liquid penetration. Splashes must not be trapped against the body so avoid gauntlet style gloves, pull sleeves down over glove wristbands, avoid open pockets and put trouser bottoms over the tops of safety shoes or boots. Click for description: https://the-gas-safety.co/Cryogenic-Safety-Wear.aspx


Make sure users are aware of the properties, hazards and procedures associated with cryogenic gases and that thay have the appropriate first aid skills and a knowledge of the emergency procedures. Put in place the revelvant safety signs and notices and have readily available the standard operating procedure for the equipment. Make sure users have received practical instruction in its proper use.